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Have meetings with 2 artists, a certain tattoo artist, and a DD designer when I get back to England. Meetings are weird and growing up is strange, I can only thank fate that I haven’t fallen into some dire commercial or educational cesspit. I consider myself very lucky. Fuck anyone that tells you “you should get a job as soon as you’re able to” fuck that, get a job when you’re happy doing it. The fuck is the point in doing something you don’t enjoy? For money? Why be a slave to the concept of money so sudden? Doesn’t that depress you? Whatever. I’m so happy with my plans after shitty sixthform, so tired of being “educated”, I’d rather be taught.

Poland has been so great, I’m so glad I got the chance to come here and see it, the architecture is beautiful. Auschwitz was emotional, but Birkenau was even more so, my great grand-father of whom I am named after escaped from, successfully as a prisoner durning the war. Makes me super proud, was so heavy on my soul to stand in the same place my great grandfather was, it made me wonder what he and the other prisoners felt during that time. It also made me wonder what the SS and Nazi officers felt during this time, I wonder if they all agreed with the brutality?

It’s been really refreshing here, peaceful. Shame I have to return to England and sixthform so soon. I can’t want to start my life properly, and it can’t wait to replace the old, boring people with brand new ones.

Anonymous: In a sense, I'm sorry - but; then again - I'm kinda not. thank you for being you because I imagine if this was someone else, things would be a whole lot different. I will message you off anon at some point within my life - I've made myself promise.

Trying to sum up everything in this one reply. It’s not creepy at all, was just a shock that’s all! Kind words are pretty rare these days, especially over the internet! It’s cool, you can message me any time, when you feel comfortable. But; you shouldn’t be confined to feel like you can’t message me off anon, I mean, I could drop dead tomorrow and I wouldn’t of got the pleasure of talking to you! But, I’m always around and don’t plan on dropping dead any time soon! I hope you have a good day today! And don’t feel like you can’t message me, I don’t bite haha! Thank you again, means a lot.

Anonymous: It would be insanely naive of me to say that I was in love with you. But, you're a beautiful being. Your heart's in the right place; you've got this all intact. I have a feeling that your morals are so distancing & astonishingly beautiful. I want to talk to you, I want to know your beliefs & feelings. I want to what goes on in that seemingly pretty mind of yours. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm becoming delirious / drifting into a daze due to sleep deprivation - but, you're impeccable.

Woah. Well, anon. You left me kinda speechless haha! I don’t post here much, and what I do post is usually just garbage, but I’m glad that whatever vibe I do give off is a great, positive one, and your words mean a lot. I appreciate that all so much, I’d love to speak to you, I don’t care who you are! I actually checked to see if this was a chain message haha, I was stunned! But seriously, message me off anon or something, talking and meeting new people is great. Plus your use of pretty words makes me think you’re intelligent to a point, and that’s always good! Well, thank you. I hope you do end up messaging off anon, but if you don’t, I hope that whatever you do, or whoever you are - you have a peaceful and happy rest of your life!

Right on anon, you rock.