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Anonymous: In a sense, I'm sorry - but; then again - I'm kinda not. thank you for being you because I imagine if this was someone else, things would be a whole lot different. I will message you off anon at some point within my life - I've made myself promise.

Trying to sum up everything in this one reply. It’s not creepy at all, was just a shock that’s all! Kind words are pretty rare these days, especially over the internet! It’s cool, you can message me any time, when you feel comfortable. But; you shouldn’t be confined to feel like you can’t message me off anon, I mean, I could drop dead tomorrow and I wouldn’t of got the pleasure of talking to you! But, I’m always around and don’t plan on dropping dead any time soon! I hope you have a good day today! And don’t feel like you can’t message me, I don’t bite haha! Thank you again, means a lot.

Anonymous: It would be insanely naive of me to say that I was in love with you. But, you're a beautiful being. Your heart's in the right place; you've got this all intact. I have a feeling that your morals are so distancing & astonishingly beautiful. I want to talk to you, I want to know your beliefs & feelings. I want to what goes on in that seemingly pretty mind of yours. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm becoming delirious / drifting into a daze due to sleep deprivation - but, you're impeccable.

Woah. Well, anon. You left me kinda speechless haha! I don’t post here much, and what I do post is usually just garbage, but I’m glad that whatever vibe I do give off is a great, positive one, and your words mean a lot. I appreciate that all so much, I’d love to speak to you, I don’t care who you are! I actually checked to see if this was a chain message haha, I was stunned! But seriously, message me off anon or something, talking and meeting new people is great. Plus your use of pretty words makes me think you’re intelligent to a point, and that’s always good! Well, thank you. I hope you do end up messaging off anon, but if you don’t, I hope that whatever you do, or whoever you are - you have a peaceful and happy rest of your life!

Right on anon, you rock.

Artist: The Story So Far


This is your life there’s no way to run from it
The doubt in your brain or the pain in your stomach
I only have but one complaint at the moment
Don’t paint me black when I used to be golden


when u stuck behind slow walkers